Thinking Points:
Communicating Our American Values and Vision

by George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute (2006)

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Table of Contents

(Note: The Rockridge Institute, referenced in this book, no longer exists.)



Chapter 1. Why We Write. Twelve Traps to Avoid

Chapter 2. Biconceptualism. Partial Conservatives; Partial Progressives; The Mythical Center; Speaking to Swing Voters

Chapter 3. Frames and Brains. Deep Frames: "The War on Terror"; Issue-Defining Frames: Iraq and Immigration; Messaging Frames; Lessons from Cognitive Science; The Problem of Rationalism; Expressing Our Values; Frame or Lose; Reframing Words to Reclaim

Chapter 4. The Nation as Family. The Nurturant Parent Model; The Progressive Vision; The Strict Father Model; The Conservative Vision; Causation Theories: Poverty and Terrorism; Identity Issues: Gays and Abortion; Conservative Populism

Chapter 5. Morality and the Market. Conservative Idolatry; Progressive Morality; The Free-Market Mythology; Government vs. Market; Profit and Human Dignity; Market Failures

Chapter 6. Fundamental Values. Fairness; Freedom; Equality; Responsibility; Integrity; Security

Chapter 7. Strategic Initiatives. The Iraq War; Clean Elections; Healthy Food; Ethical Business; Transit-For-All

Chapter 8. The Art of Argument. Obama on the Estate Tax; How Argument Frames Work; American Stories; The Crime-and-Punishment Frame; The Safety-Net Frame; Political Stories as Arguments; Arguing Net neutrality