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We want to draft messages that will convince our audience that they share our values; so that, ultimately, they will vote for Democratic candidates who share those values. Here, in these web pages (see the links), are guidelines and examples.

Who is our audience?*

The people who we want to reach are "persuadables," who we will find among people other than those already committed to a political party:

(We might even reach some of those who vote Republican because most people in their social circles vote Republican.)

All of these groups show little interest in politics until the pervasive advertising of election season attracts their attention from their everyday lives. Many of them share at least some of our values—they just never hear us talk about those values. We're going to change that.

Where can we publish or display our messages?

What should we say?

How should we say it?

* Turning out voters who reliably will vote Democratic when they vote is a different task, with different messaging.

** Polling gives us a picture of "independents" (here, here, and here). (These links will take you out of these messaging pages and open new tabs or copies of your browser.) Although they are not a large percentage of voters, after we put aside the vast majority of voters who are already firmly committed as either Democrats or Republicans, "independents" are the persuadables among people who DO vote. They therefore may tip the balance in close elections.